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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

All the products of the precious metals products of the company “Skan” undergo the procedures for controlling the breakdown and quality of gems at the level of the central state enterprise of assay control, as well as personally by the company's management together with the Quality Control Department, Quality Assuranceвincluding a line for production of personalized spoons, forks and knives. It is of fundamental importance for us to be both in the legal and ethical field of justice in order to win the fight for clients’ attention and respect.

Each product after individual production with the same approach for QA is being checked for porosity, the correspondence of geometric and artistic qualities, as well as the smoothness of the fastening of gems and the whole structure of the product is undergone a certain quality check.

We have a strict selection of suppliers of raw materials, equipment, individual devices that, undoubtedly, affect the whole cycle as a whole. Also we do not save on quality and buy only first-class materials for all the production departments of our company.

With regards to the qualifications of the masters jewellers, we certainly recruit the most honest, creative, and balanced people with a special approach to their work.

In principle, we set ourselves the highest goals, and there is a great desire to conquer the markets of our country and international also. We are always open for investing opportunities who are trying to increase their possibilities and open the way for the future.