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About us

Jewelry producing house “Skan” has been established in 2010 and since then it has been engaged in the production, customized manufacturing, repair and sales of jewelry and souvenirs of silver, gold, platinum, stainless steel with artificial and precious stones. Due to high class workmanship and the latest equipment we have an opportunity to produce and sell or repair singe units or in wholesale quantity, almost any product for any category of the customer, including expensive and personalized pieces of jewelry.
We make use of unique technologies of 3D printing, laser engraving, ювелирная мастерская Сканьlaser welding, artistic casting as well as high qualification of our masters, allows us to make our product truly exclusive and personally unique or just casual according to the desire of clients.

Any product such as symbol of your company, family decoration or everyday thing will become a great gift for loved ones, and an indispensable PR action benefiting your personality or business. The main type of service and goods of the company are pieces of jewelry made on order as well as repair, restoration of jewelry, sale of silver rings, earrings, pendants, chains and also personalized spoons, named forks, signed knives from stainless steel with the most famous Russian and Ukrainian names.

Also as an ornament for the products it is used artificial inserts (zircons, phianites), precious gems, enamels and various types of electroplating (gilding, rhodium). The gems are inserted into the product manually by the master jeweler, without applying any glue, the stone is clamped by using a metal tool under the microscope individually, which allows you to be sure on the longevity of the insert.Именные ложки

All kinds of production technologies (casting, processing), decorating maneuvers (coatings, inserting gems, enameling, engraving) are produced in the jewelry workshops of the company by first class jewelers. The quality of the surface is adjusted by means of polishing with a mirror effect; we carefully check all products not to miss any of the defects or distortions in the geometry.

On the order we are able to depict in the precious metal any logo, family sign. We can also purchase and insert any stone even the most rare and expensive, also your materials that can be used which are valuable to you as an inheritance or memory of someone beloved.

Repair of jewelry is done, if possible, at place - this is the everyday service of our company, we have great respect for your products that have worn out, rubbed or just lost their appearance. We will fix it all as soon as possible. What benefit will be brought by the product or service of the company “Skan” can be chosen only by you, but anyway we guarantee the quality and satisfaction of our products!